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Machine learning based credit underwriting platform

Full Stack Engineer

₹6L – ₹10L
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Required Attributes

1. Core interests: Passion for technology & the quality of taking pride in one’s work. You should take pride in the codebase and be motivated to improve its quality over time. You should also be driven to learn more about technology and bring new ideas to the tech team.

2. Software Engineering: You should be a skilled software engineer and should be able to point to projects where you have made a significant contribution. You should want to do things the right way instead of just getting things done. Clarity and maintainability of code are very important to us.

3. Web-Development: You should be comfortable working with the full web-development stack. We are looking for someone who can implement changes to the codebase and build new features quickly with limited supervision. We are a small team and you can expect significant responsibility and autonomy wrt these tasks. Our current stack uses Python and AngularJS extensively.

4. Python: We require someone with an excellent grasp of the language. You must be intimately familiar with namespaces, data structures, iterators and generators. Experience with scientific and numerical programming is a big plus.

We value a can-do attitude, the ability to work independently and a desire to learn. A combination of these three can make up for gaps in experience and training. We're growing fast and want you to grow with us.

1. Experience with scientific and numerical programming is a big plus.
2. Machine Learning experience is a big plus, but not required.
3. Experience in designing systems or software architecture.
4. Experience with databases and dev ops preferred.
5. Experience with data visualisation in Python or JS is a big plus.

Role Description
1. Build and maintain a data pipeline linked to our machine learning stack.
2. Add new features and vizualisations for our core machine learning and scoring products. Make the technical stack transparent with great documentation, demos, training sessions/tutorials and articles/blogs.
3. Provide coaching to junior staff.
4. Contribute to new business proposals
5. Manage on-going deliverables related to a project including client engagement and presentations.
6. Perform project tasks independently, and if required, direct the efforts of others

What is in for you?
1. The rare opportunity to work with a team consisting of some of India’s brightest minds in this field, including people who have studied at the like of NUS, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, and IIT Kharagpur, worked with the likes of Bank of America, The World Bank and American Express.
2. Significant operational autonomy that is uncharacteristic of in the Indian business environment
3. The opportunity to work on real-world datasets pertaining to some of the marquee banks & financial institutions in the country
4. Exponential professional growth opportunities which can result in significant financial up-side in the form of stock-options, equity and performance based bonuses.
5. Mentoring from Senior Engineers to help you improve your technical and soft skills.

Monsoon CreditTech at a glance

Machine learning based credit underwriting platform

Monsoon CreditTech focuses on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Credit, and Fin Tech. Their company has offices in Gurgaon. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.monsoonfintech.com

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