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Stage-agnostic Angel Investor. Founder / CEO @Junglee Games. Previously co-founded Monsoon, acquired by @Capital One
Founder @Monsoon Company, sold to Capital One in 2015. Co-founder @Junglee Games and @Kunai Investing mainly in Fintech Startups
COO Monsoon Company Inc. Founder @Junglee Games


Mychilo Cline

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iOS Developer. MA in Human-Computer-Interaction / Technology and Society. Computer Science Degree Equivalence.

Belen Ravaza

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Dig Vargas

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Full stack generalist looking for a Rails/Javascript engineering role
Hack Reactor Alum, Full Stack Generalist, Wants to Change the World

Rory Ou

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Web developer with a linguistics background. Ruby, Rails, Node.js, JavaScript, Ember, Backbone.
Technical Recruiter @Monsoon Company

Cole Willsea

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Writing code that makes art for me
Founder @monsoon-company-2

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Nik Bresnick

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Kaitlyn Witman

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Paul Chavarria

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Brooks Mason

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Raheel Ahmad

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Niraj Shah

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