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Decentralising the future of banking

Decentralising the future of banking

Monolith’s vision is to realise the token economy by establishing it in daily life, and we’ve started with money.

Our mission is to build a consumer banking experience for the crypto world with the integrity of decentralisation. One that is as simple, elegant and as useful as any challenger bank, with a fundamental and crucial difference; our users need never relinquish control of their assets. We believe that through blockchain enabled decentralisation we can build valuable services that are globally accessible, where users aren’t the product and where transparency regulates our actions – unlike anything before!

We’re making decentralised financial services secure and easy to use, becoming one of the first practical, authentic use-cases on the Ethereum blockchain. And we're recognised in the industry, having recently joined the FCA’s Sandbox (Cohort 4).

Find out more at ? monolith.xyz
Strong mathematical and analytical skills, a very broad understanding of finance and economics and a very keen interest in working with blockchain technology.

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