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Personal finance software for families

Personal finance software for families

MoneyWiz - Personal Finance
MoneyWiz is a PFM software that tailors to families who want shared overview of their family finances. It supports bank sync with over 16,000 banks in over 50 counties. It also has proprietary AI that determines how to categorize transactions that is 80% more accurate than anyone else in the industry. Available for iOS, Mac, Windows and Android.

MileWiz Personal - Automatic Mileage Tracking
MileWiz Personal helps self employed people get tax deductions on their business mileage. Optimized & compliant with the US, UK, AU and CA markets. Available for iOS & Android.

MileWiz Enterprise - Employee & Fleet Location Tracking
MileWiz Enterprise allows businesses to do employee & fleet location tracking with centralized management & reporting system. Since MileWiz works on smartphones it reduces the integration time (overnight integration) and cost (no GPS unit required) for businesses.

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