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Senior Frontend Engineer

£60k – £90k
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You are primarily a software engineer that happens to have specialised on the frontend. You take pride in the fact that you own the entire software lifecycle.

You’ve seen a few generations of JS frameworks and patterns come and go while working on a variety of web applications and can discuss in some detail what worked and why. You’ve studied some software engineering and are orientated towards doing things with a structured engineering approach.

While you welcome the technical freedom of greenfield developments you also enjoy the intricacies inherent in evolving existing software.

You're capable of appreciating the subtle impacts of different tech choices but ultimately you're a pragmatic. You favour readability of code, instinctively rejecting excessive conciseness or artistry.

You naturally stay within the scope of a story. You are biased to action: you prefer to deliver the good instead of arguing what perfection is.

You think critically and are happy to be proven wrong. You're methodical in your hypothesis generation and testing loop. You don’t chase unicorns, have step-back reflexes. You're able to fend off pressure and give yourself and others the necessary space to think.

You have some experience mentoring younger developers. teach without patronising or overpowering. You are able to communicate the technical vision in an clear way, and correctly translate tech choices and their consequences into business terms.

You will make mistakes. We'll pick you up. You will learn from them. You'll laugh a lot.

> Understand deeply one or more areas of the frontend and work with product owners to help drive our exceptional customer experience.
> Produce code of great quality with the right degree of test coverage. Review code constructively, favouring the development of skills where possible. Share your programming expertise and disseminate important knowledge within the practice. Champion code cleanliness, quality and effectiveness.
> Understand and help maintain the delivery pipeline for the services you work on.
> Mentor more junior colleagues and participate in recruitment activities. Contribute to a rational, informed and civil discussion when technical disputes arise. Contribute to the Tech Radar.
> Keep abreast of technological developments in the industry and their relevance to the company.

Essential Requirements:
> At least 7 years of experience in software engineering and a BSc in Software Engineering or Computer Science or higher degree.
> Fully understand the principles of software engineering: modularity, encapsulation, immutability, composition, OOP and FP.
> Deep knowledge of ES6, React, Node, Redux, Jest, Mocha, responsive design, REST verbs, API design and the JS memory model.
> Know vanilla CSS and have a clear opinion about its flavours, e.g. SASS, CSSinJS and Styled Components.
> Experience using tools like Webpack and/or Parcel as well as older tools like Gulp or Grunt.
> Have a good understanding of agile methodologies, their principles and their ceremonies.
> Have an understanding of the principles of design, UI and user experience.

Desirable Requirements:
> You have worked with different frameworks in the past, e.g. AngularJS, Backbone, jQuery, Ember.
> Have worked with and debugged HTTP requests using Nginx, reverse proxies, HTTP authentication & headers.
> Understanding of another language like Scala or Java.
> Know the concepts behind microservices and Docker.
> Experience working on large scale systems in a multi-team environment.

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Moneyfarm focuses on Financial Services, Investment Management, Technology, Finance Technology, and Advice. Their company has offices in London, Frankfurt, Milan, and Cagliari. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees. To date, Moneyfarm has raised $109.4M of funding; their latest round was closed on September 2019.

You can view their website at http://www.moneyfarm.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.