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Peer to Peer Lending Marketplace

Peer to Peer Lending Marketplace

Monexo provides salaried individuals a rewarding way to borrow money upto Rs 5,00,000 through our online process. They get an express quote in 1 minute by filling the basic form and a quick approval. The loan is listed in the marketplace for lenders to fund. Lenders can fund as little as Rs 5000 by manual or automated investing and build a diversified portfolio. Once a loan is fully funded, the loan is disbursed to the borrower who starts his monthly repayments from next month. Lenders are benefitted with a new asset class to invest and earn from 13%-30% pa.

Monexo's process is simple and convenient and is based on 3 "D" pillars - Digital, Data and Democratising Finance

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Sundar M

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Founder of Monexo Innovations Limited. Strong Consumer Banking experience at Citibank across Asia.
Co-founder of Monexo Fintech - a peer to peer lending marketplace