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George Arabian

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Managing Partner Steelhead Ventures, LLC , VP of Bus. Dev. @aisle411. Former VP Corp. Dev at NetShelter. VP NetObjects, Director of Sales AOL.

Ben J. Bickford

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Active Investor, Strategy Consultant, Entrepreneur, Mobile Industry Maven, Mobile Monday Australia Co-Founder, Worked at @Microstrategy, @Broadvision, @EMC

Zac Jacobs

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Sean Kane

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Todd Parker

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Norbert Sagnard

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Managing Consultant, Sagnard Associates Ltd

Matthew Fix

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Mike Rowehl

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17th level Hacker

Ken Arnold

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Board member @ Peloton Technologies, Membership Co-chair @ Band of Angels , 4X Founder/CEO • Partner at True Global Ventures , MIT, Pace, Techno-utopian.


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