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Co-Founder & Designer @Moment // Studied @UW // Formerly Chief Product Designer @Contour // Passionate about creating beautiful product experiences
Co-founded @Moment , @Hardware Workshop, and @Contour. I love building products and companies.


Driven and curious creative professional with experience in every stage of content creation, along with management and ownership of marketing accounts.
Photographer and filmmaker based in the Northwest. Passionate about using video and photography to move people to action.
Financial Analyst @Moment

Kaley Marok

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Accountant, Explorer, constant adventure seeker & always willing to stop and enjoy the moment. I love to travel, my dogs, and making memories.

Jeffrey Jacka

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Mobile Engineer at Moment

Mike Dewey

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I'm a creative with passions in UI design, filmmaking & photography. I've worked with startups, design agencies, travel magazines and more.

Frankie Choltco-Devlin

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Experienced Product Engineer, Design for mfg, 10+yrs Solidworks, Manage intl. suppliers, 3rd party testing and certifications, Electrical component integration

Kristin Winter

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Operations and Customer Happiness professional with a serious knitting habit.

Ariana Babcock

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Photographer + Filmmaker.

Stephen Jones

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Since 2013 I have been learning about designing, sampling, manufacturing, and importing quality products for myself and other brands.

Michio Papers

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Current Industrial Designer working at Teague in Seattle, WA.

Spencer Smith

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Worked at Moment

Randall Brown

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Senior iOS engineer, developing iOS apps since 2009. Passion for well architected and highly tested apps. Love the outdoors.
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Board members and advisors

Richard Tait

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Microsoft ten years, 14 startups Co Founder Cranium Founder BoomBoom Brands Starbucks Health/Wellness Co Founder Golazo, Moment, Simple & Crisp, MakerWear
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Former team

Haley Jo Yap

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Major Bruno

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Kenn Miel Andres

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Aaron Abrahamson

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Andrew Stephens

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Kevin Korpi

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