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Moment is a global marketplace for creatives


Moment is a community of creatives - photographers, filmmakers, designers, and engineers - who believe the world is a better place when you get lost and follow your camera. What makes our culture unique is we teach you how to become an owner. Ownership gives us purpose. A sense of pride that we have created something bigger than ourselves. Ownership is about making decisions in a business environment. And from decision making comes everything else...autonomy, mastery, responsibility, humility, empathy, confidence, and growth. On a practical level we are a distributed team across the US. We have always been remote and we always bring the whole company together every four months for a week long offsite. It's our chance to connect, learn, and get better as a group. Different from traditional startup cultures we're very transparent. The whole teams knows everything from how much cash we have to what we're failing at. This transparency is translated in our compensation which is a formula model based on 10 skills. As you improve at these skills you get paid more. We do this every trimester and empower our teammates to get better as owners. We'd love to have you join us!

Perks and benefits

Great health benefits or extra cash

We let you choose between benefits or a higher monthly salary.

Non-matching 401k

This is option and available if you're interested.

Primary and secondary parental leave

One month for secondary and two months for primary parents.

Everyone receives equity

You constantly receive more stock as part of your compensation as you level up your skills.

Our team is remote

We bring everyone together every four months for a week long offsite.

Unlimited vacation

We don't track the extra time you put in, so we don't track the time you take off either.