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Co-Founder and Chief Architect at @Mode. I'm deeply passionate about networks and how they improve the ways people discover, learn, and teach.
Founder @Mode • Worked at @Yammer
CEO/Co-founder @Mode. Formerly in analytics at @Yammer and @Facebook.


Jason Alafgani

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Digital Marketing, Mode; Founder, Chise (dating app); Digital Marketing, Google Cloud; Founder, Leaf (networking mobile app).
Worked at Mode

Lindsay Hertz

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javascript, data visualization, cheese

Alli Cernoch

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Software Engineer

Danielle Skinner

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Lauren Pfeiffer

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Recruiter at Mode

Matt Wong

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Tayler Mehit

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I am a Sales Representative, Project Manager and team leader with a focus on education. Looking for public facing roles for quality brand identity.

Jonathan Krangel

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Worked at Clever. Experience with Budgeting, Customer Service, Financial Reporting

Amber Zeise

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Josee Smith

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People Operations Specialist
UT Austin graduate with 5 years of experience in data-driven technology companies.

Curtis Mitchell

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Web developer at @Mode, @Hack Reactor alumnus, interested in data visualization and analytics, studied math and physics at @University of North Texas

Megan Hogan

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Talent @ Mode
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Board members and advisors

David Obrand

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CCO at Yammer 10 years @ Salesforce.com 20+ years in technology

Steve Vassallo

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Former team

Sinead Cheung

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Blake Reary

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Katie Presley

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Christin Price

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Paloma Figueroa

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Michael Podolin

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