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Effective and Accessible Healthcare for Every Human

Effective and Accessible Healthcare for Every Human

MI builds software to prevent, measure and treat mental illness. MI’s first digital therapeutic, Am Mindfulness (Am) is a clinically validated, self-assessing and self-learning healthtech stack with which patients securely and privately interact through their mobile devices from anywhere in the world, and independently of a wearable. Am is the only meditation app to defeat placebo in multiple RCTs, contains the world’s most accurate neural network for the objective quantification of stress via a selfie video and is available in English, Mandarin, Dutch and German. MI is engaged in a number of government-, philanthropist- and industry-funded multicentre and multinational clinical trials in the field of psycho-oncology - one of the largest stress-impacted patient populations.

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CTO at Mobio Interactive. I solve puzzles for a living.

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Founder Mobio Interactive • Worked at @Radio Canada • Studied at @Ocad @CFCCREATES


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Work-from-home friendly; personal meditation practice supported