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MobiGarage: Digitizing India’s second-hand smartphone market

MobiGarage: Digitizing India’s second-hand smartphone market

More than 500 million people will get on the Internet for the first time in the next three years in India, mainly through low-cost refurbished smartphones. MobiGarage is innovating the US$40 billion dollar smartphone market by disrupting the second-hand mobile supply chain through Artificial Intelligence and selling refurbished smartphones with certified components and warranty that are 70% cheaper than new smartphones. Catering to 100,000 smartphones a year, MobiGarage is growing 20% monthly. MobiGarage caters to the end user customer through online medium - E-commerce marketplace on MobiGarage.com and offline through unique hub and spoke model covering the multi billion dollar Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 markets

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