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Amine Issa

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Researched human performance at the Mayo Clinic.Founded Mobalytics to scientifically measure gamer performance and change the way the world sees E-sports.
Telco veteran who is passion about cloud and big data tech. Today building a first performance analytic platform for gamers.
eSports enthusiast. User Onboarding evangelist. Passionate about gaming and UX design. Founder at @Mobalytics and @myTips.


Maximilian Schallwig

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Physics Master, ECTS A grade. Research experience in experimental (1 semester), theoretical (2 months), and computational physics (2 years).

Serj Pogosov

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Alexander Kuts

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Technology expert and developer with focus on high loaded and complex web based systems

Roman Gorin

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Team Lead at @Mobalytics

Former team

Matthew Coyle

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Freddy Chen

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