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MNTN has a singular mission when it comes to company culture - build a company that never has you feeling “oh my god it’s only Monday”. Our culture is deeply routed in self exploration. There are no firm work days, weekends, or vacation periods, everything is task orientated and allows you to work when you feel you’ll be the most productive. Do you work better late at night? No worries, start your day at 2:00. Do you like the early morning instead? No problem, we’ll see your work when we wake up. We believe the workday is not a one size fits all, and with that in mind it’s important that we create an inclusive, flexible, understanding, but efficient company culture.

Perks and benefits

Work from anywhere in the world

We don’t care if you’re on a beach in Cancun, as long as deadlines are kept in mind and you’re a phone call away then who are we to judge?

Gym and health benefits

Need a gym membership? Maybe a couple rounds of golf? Or do you need some new shoes for your morning run? We’ve got you covered.

We love dogs.

We would be thrilled if you brought your dog to work! Not only do we believe it increases efficiency, but we’re working on building a dog park where they can play while you get some work done!