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Junior/Mid-level Frontend Developer (HTML, CSS, Angular)

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Miuros is a fast-growing startup on a mission to help companies provide faster and smarter Customer Service, leveraging on domain expertise and Artificial Intelligence. We are looking for an Junior/Mid-level Frontend Developer that supports the company’s growth and helps it get to the next level.

# Why should I join you?
- Join a small tech team, where you can really see first-hand the impact of your work.
- Work in an agile environment using a modern stack and not being held back by tons of legacy code.
- Jump on a train that is accelerating fast, as Miuros raised VC money this year.

# Sounds good. So what will I be working on?
- Develop the Miuros Insights web application built with Angular (v8 currently)
- Improve the UX/UI of already available features, update the application's styling to the newest design guidelines
- Build versatile and reusable Angular components as building blocks for the future development
- Write unit and e2e tests to support fast and bug-free development

# What are you expecting from me?
- You are passionate about front-end programming and writing code that is easy to (1) understand, (2) maintain/extend, (3) test, (4) re-use
- You are passionate about building clean, fast and robust web applications, and you can lose sleep over a button that's one pixel off
- You are a driver. You can work with limited supervision, but you are also happy to brainstorm on technical solutions, be receptive to feedback, and willing to grow
- You are a learner. You always strive for the newest technologies and practices, and can pick up a new skill easily
- You can work from our offices in Lyon or remotely (only based in France) and you are experienced in collaborating with remote peers
- You are fluent in English, you can communicate what you have in mind effortlessly and can write documentation
- You are very competitive at chess and table tennis (joking — if you can beat everyone in the team, we wouldn’t like it)

# Okay, but what technologies should I be good at?

We expect 3+ years of experience in the following:

* HTML/CSS skills
-- Ability to build a piece of UI (based on Figma mockups) with attention to details and with reusability in mind
-- Knowledge of the latest CSS features
-- CSS preprocessors (we use SCSS)

* JavaScript + TypeScript
-- Ability to solve problems in clean vanilla JS, knowing when to use a 3rd party library
-- Knowledge of the latest JS syntax (ES6)
-- Object-oriented programming (you understand the principles and patterns of OOP in general and TypeScript in particular)

* Frameworks & libraries
-- Angular 4+ (you master the Angular framework and know how to use it to build complex scalable applications)
-- RxJS (you believe everything is a stream)
-- Testing frameworks (Karma, Selenium, Protractor, Jasmine; you believe testing saves time, not wastes it)

# Is that it? Anything else?
Since you asked, it would be a plus if you also had some experience in these areas
- Docker
- Backend development (PHP, Node.js)
- Databases (Postgres, Elastic)
- GraphQL
- d3.js

# Can I share something more about me?
Yes, you should!
- Tell us what drives you to join Miuros (and what drives you in general)
- LinkedIn profile
- StackOverflow profile
- GitHub profile

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Full-stack web developer specialized in building complex data-driven web applications with Angular.

Daniele Alfarone

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Co-founder & CTO at Miuros, scaling Customer Service with A.I. Previously researcher in NLP and Machine Learning at KU Leuven.

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