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Experienced Java Developer

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Miuros is a fast-growing startup on a mission to help companies provide faster and smarter Customer Service, leveraging on domain expertise and Artificial Intelligence. We are looking for an Experienced Java Developer that supports the company’s growth and helps it get to the next level.

# Why should I join you?

- Join a small tech team, where you can really contribute to shaping our processes, architecture and dev culture.
- Work with former A.I. researchers, with background in mathematics and computer science.
- Jump on a train that is accelerating fast, as Miuros raised VC money this year.

# Sounds good. So what will I be working on?

- Develop new API-based integrations to connect Miuros to innovative Customer Service/Management platforms
- Contribute to the release of new services, as Miuros expands his offer for (and beyond) Customer Service teams
- Feed the data scientists with data, abstracting away some of its complexity
- Scale our processes to support the company's growth (automate, automate, automate)
- Maintain and extend a relational database that serves our frontend

# What are you expecting from me?

- You are passionate about object-oriented programming and writing code that is easy to (1) understand, (2) maintain/extend, (3) test, (4) re-use
- You are passionate about finding simple solutions to complex problems, with one eye on your sprint goals and the other on long-term benefits
- You are a driver. You can work with limited supervision, but you are also happy to brainstorm on technical solutions, be receptive to feedback, and coach more junior profiles
- You can work from our offices in Lyon and you are experienced in collaborating with remote peers
- You are fluent in English, you can communicate what you have in mind effortlessly and can write documentation
- You are very competitive at chess and table tennis (joking — if you can beat everyone in the team, we wouldn’t like it)

# Okay, but what technologies should I be *really* good at?

* Java (3+ years)
-- Design patterns (you can write an iterator or a singleton blindly)
-- API clients (you eat Json and HTTPS for breakfast)
-- Logging (you love logging libraries and hate System.out.println)
-- Unit testing (you are happy only when you see a full green bar)
-- Profiling (you don’t panic for an OutOfMemoryError)
-- External libraries (you don’t like to reinvent the wheel)

* Relational databases (2+ years)
-- Postgres (preferred), MySQL, Oracle
-- Data modelling (you understand the pros and cons of normalizing data)
-- Query optimization (you can read a query plan and act on it)

* Unix systems (2+ years)
-- You are not a sysadmin, but you can run your code remotely, inspect logs, edit config files on the fly

# Is that it? Anything else?
Since you asked, it would be a plus if you also had some experience in these areas

- AWS or Google Cloud
- Docker (on Kubernetes or AWS ECS)
- Python/Bash for scripting

# Can I share something more about me?
Yes, you should!

- Tell us what drives you to join Miuros (and what drives you in general)
- LinkedIn profile
- StackOverflow profile
- GitHub profile

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role

Daniele Alfarone

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Co-founder & CTO at Miuros, scaling Customer Service with A.I. Previously researcher in NLP and Machine Learning at KU Leuven.

Ricardo De Aldama

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Co-founder & Head of Data Science at Miuros, smarter and faster Customer Service. Former researcher in A.I. (CNRS, Sony, CEA,...). PhD in Mathematics.
Full-stack web developer specialized in building complex data-driven web applications with Angular.

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