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Providing home security as a service

Super Women/Hero CMO

$50k - $100k • 2.0% - 5.0%
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Super Hero - CMO @mitipi

Our vision is to banish burglaries into history books.

We create products and services which make the lives of people more safe and more convenient.

Tag line
Simple. Safe. Living.


Belong - it’s about the team, we belong together, together we are strong. Our customers belong to us and support our vision. We support each other. One for all and all for one.

Care - we are here to make a difference, we care about what we do and we are responsible for it. We care about the team and we care about our customers.

Experience - Life is too short for bad experiences, we focus on simplicity and adding value. We hate complex products or processes.

About Mitipi:

In Europe 1M burglaries happen every year. This causes stress and a negative experience for the rest of their life for anyone who has experienced a burglary.

We recently launched our first product Kevin the virtual roommate. Kevin simulates the presence of people in order to deter burglars.
Now we want to provide safety overall. In order to create safety we need to combine the elements of prevention, detection and insurance. We see ourselves as a safety service company.

We are ambitious, we believe that our approach can change both the security and insurance market.

We already have substantial funding and are just about to reach the next level. It is the most exciting time to join mitipi.

What we want:
We are looking for a SUPER HERO - CMO. The CMO has an essential role to the success of mitipi. The CMO will grow our consumer base and build the brand mitipi. With SUPER HERO we mean that, we are not only hiring skills, but we also look for attitude, responsibility and passion. We look for an intrinsic doer not a planner. We rather hire nobody than a person we do not believe in and who does not share our values.

What you get:
You will become part of a journey. You’ll belong to the core management team and you have the freedom to make decisions and unleash your full potential. The team you are working with is fully committed to the mission. We’re all in, we grow big or go home. You’ll have the freedom to operate and we provide budget for marketing activities. We will have a lot of fun together and we will struggle together. You can always ask for help.
One for all and all for one.


Grow consumer base and do that data driven and in a strategic logical way
Take ownership and drive the process. You ask for help, we don’t ask you how you are doing. Build-Measure-Learn -> Set the Goal,
Create and execute the related marketing activities whether it is online or offline
Consumer communication, messaging and content creation

The skills we are looking for:

- Data driven marketing
- Growth Hacking skills and mentality
- Performance Marketing - Google Analytics, FB Marketing, SEO, A/B Testing
- You know your shit
- Native German speaker

Even more important is the motivation:

Passion -> you want to do this with blood sweat and tears
Responsible, you are taking ownership in what you do and you drive the process in order to achieve the goals.

The management team will contain four key roles:

CTO – SW development, technology management, IT operations
Head of Product – product design, road map planning, user experience and process design.
CMO (you) – Lead consumer growth, consumer communication and brand building
CEO – overall responsibility, Strategy, B2B partnerships, strong collaboration with CMO, finance and fundraising

mitipi is based in Zürich, Switzerland and Berlin, Germany.


Tell us why you are excited and why you want to join us
Intro Call -> since you are proposing to us, we want to learn more about the partner we are going to marry.
Home Work

Applications from women and men are equally welcome. Super Heroes are rare anyway, why should we care about gender, colour, religion or sexual preferences? :-)

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