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A non-profit to expand charter schools in Mississippi.

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Nationally, Mississippi’s students rank 46th in 4th grade math, 48th in 8th grade math, 47th in 4th grade reading, and 50th in 8th grade reading. Mississippi’s public school system is made up of almost 500,000 students in roughly 150 districts, and almost 40% of schools are rated D or F on an A-F scale. Of over a thousand public schools in the state, thus far, only five are public charter schools. The Mississippi Education Accelerator believes in the positive impact made possible by high-quality public charter schools and aims to create more free, high-quality educational options for families and children by accelerating the opening of new public charter schools in high-need areas across the state. If we can prove what is possible for all students in Mississippi, it will create a blueprint for what is possible within public education for kids across our country - particularly in high-need rural areas, which exist from coast to coast.

The Mississippi Education Accelerator was founded in 2018 to increase access to school choice for families across the state. Our mission is to improve public school options and course options for students in Mississippi by accelerating the growth and expansion of high-performing charter schools to generate at least 15,000 high-quality seats for children.

Now, the Mississippi Education Accelerator is seeking an entrepreneurial, strategic, community-focused, and results-driven Executive Director to lead this charge. Candidates must believe that all students, regardless of background and circumstance, are capable of and deserve excellence - and that the expansion of the charter sector is one of the key levers we can pull to increase access to a free, high-quality, public education for families across the state.
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