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Eliminating queues in retail stores

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MishiPay (mishipay.com) allows anyone in the store to pick up an item, scan the barcode on their phone, pay on the phone and just walk out of the door with it. If someone tries to leave without paying though, our patent pending technology powered by RFID immediately catches that and sounds the alarm. Here's a video: youtu.be/DpZnCGwD1IA

We also integrate completely into your existing systems and so we are essentially providing every store with the Amazon Go experience at only a fraction of the cost.

We currently have partnerships with Cisco and Nedap and are in the process of forming further partnerships with other global heavyweights. Together with these partners and through direct sales, we are now doing Proof of Value projects with major retailers in India and Europe. We have recently also been accepted into the Lafayette Plug and Play accelerator in Paris, powered by Galeries Lafayette in partnership with Plug and Play TechCentre and we have also been selected into the LaunchPad programme in Bangalore with Cisco India. In order to maximise the results from these opportunities we are looking to expand our team.