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Mischief believes that the world is becoming more interactive and that gaming is leading that charge. Game streaming on platforms like Twitch / Youtube / Mixer / etc. are not just places where people go to watch games, but also find community and real relationships. We are looking to build the social / marketing backbone of the gaming industry by empowering gamers to own their identity, find the right people to game with, and have a more personalized in game experience. We do this through intelligent design and machine learning applications that looks to tie together an incredibly fragmented industry.

We are looking for people who can build platforms and like games, not the other way around. We believe in paying top of market at each life cycle of our company as we are true believers in 1 all star is better than 2 average folks. We all work better when we are all being rewarded for the outcomes.

We have three values and we truly stand by them - Trust, Empathy, & Fun.

Trust - We are a tech company. That means that we use data to help drive better sponsors to our streamers. We believe in being transparent with what we do with that data - as well as rewarding both streamers & viewers alike for sharing that data to create a better games ecosystem for everyone.

Empathy - We treat our gamers and each other at the company with respect. We expect our team members to think with an open mind. This means assuming those we disagree with have good intent before attacking. Gaming can be a toxic place... we aim to make it a little better one stream at a time

Fun - Our goal is to stop needlessly spending money marketing games through outdated channels. Our own peers provide a more fun & creative way to discover new content - at a cheaper price to the devs. Net / Net we think this puts more money in dev's pockets to make better games for everyone.

If this sounds like a fit for you, we'd love to hear from you.

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