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Simple, Accurate,Cardiac Mobile Monitoring

Simple, Accurate,Cardiac Mobile Monitoring

We at Misceo Grand Technologies, building a connected healthcare solution to decentralized our healthcare infrastructure and coordinate patient care services between clinics at remote locations and hospitals. While hospitals struggling managing multiple patients and re-admissions, We provide continuous real-time cardiac monitoring and analysis for Hospital and clinics: in-patient monitoring and Ambulatory out-patient monitoring to optimize the way healthcare services are being delivered today. Our cloud based Misceo Unity Infrastructure can monitor all essential body vitals and activity of patient and help in Cardiac events prevention, diagnosis, post-operative care and on-going management of patients through non-invasive monitoring.

Our multi-sensor Platform has been recognized for providing best quality clinical data by various cardiologists across US and India including Scripps Research Institute, San Diego, CA and Evergreen Health Hospital, Kirkland, WA.

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Mahesh Galgalikar

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Rochester Institute of Technology (MS Electrical Engineering) , Founder & CEO , Misceo Grand Technology(2013-2014) , Founder and CTO Misceo Grand Technology,Inc
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