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At Mira, we are remaking the Beautyverse™ in your image. Our team is diverse, inclusive, and consists of talented developers, designers and professionals who truly represent our user base.

We are the new guard of beauty. We come from Stanford, MIT, Palantir, Facebook, Amazon, NARS Cosmetics and Benefit Cosmetics. We value people, equality, transparency, the big idea, and of course, some good 'ole pampering.

If you are interested in working with us and would like to share your feedback on our beta app, your journey starts here: askmira.com.
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Senior UI/UX Designer

Posted 5 months ago

Mira is on a mission to democratize the world of beauty, and especially in this industry, aesthetics and attention to detail matter.

So we want you to lead our efforts in designing an ecosystem that users will LOVE✨.

Software Engineer

Senior Data Engineer

Posted 5 months ago

At Mira, data and intelligent inference is at the very foundation of our product. We process millions of records per day of diverse modalities and have over 20 models in production geared towards creating a better user experience.