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The Universal Search Engine & Catalogue for Beauty

The Universal Search Engine & Catalogue for Beauty

Mira is the center of the Beautyverse™ — A universal search engine and catalogue for all beauty products: skincare, makeup and tools. Brand and retailer agnostic, Mira is democratizing the world of beauty by translating millions of product pages, reviews, videos, and images from the web into digestible product synopses. Additionally, users can get advice from, and find out what similar consumers really think, do side-by-side comparisons, and purchase the right products for the best price. By inviting people to actively and purposefully search for beauty inspiration in others, Mira is remaking the Beautyverse™ in their image.

Mira was recognized as a leading beauty innovation by WWD, Dazed, Forbes, and more.

The Mira Beauty app launched on October 16th, 2019, and is available for download here: apps.apple.com/us/app/mira-beauty/id1376415610

Key Facts about Mira Beauty™:
• Mira is catering to the $500B global beauty marketplace.
• Mira hosts the industry's largest catalog and content dataset, including 2 million videos, 10 million reviews and 15 million images
• A team from Stanford, MIT, Palantir, Facebook, Amazon, NARS Cosmetics and Shiseido.
• An AI-powered aggregator and social community for product research, discovery, evaluation and recommendation.
• Backing from 14W Venture Partners, Unilever Ventures, e.ventures, Great Oaks VC and more. 14W Venture Partners’ portfolio also includes Glossier, Goop, and Classpass.

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Jay Hack

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Co-founder & CEO @MIRA BEAUTY / Previously @Palantir Technologies and @Stanford