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Minze is an Belgium-based company that builds internet-connected medical devices

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Who is Minze Health?

Minze Health is a digital health company that develops connected medical services. Minze Homeflow enables the urologist to collect multiple uroflowmetries & voiding diary data in the comfort of the patients’ daily life and the allows the clinician to access this data in an online portal.
Minze Hospiflow is a patient-friendly, flexible alternative for the current stationary uroflowmeters in hospitals or private practices. No more need for a dedicated space for uroflowmetry, Hospiflow can be used on any toilet!

Who are you?

You are a Product Development student who's looking for an internship in a young and growing company.

You are a master of combining technology with science and design. You have excellent creative and technical skills and you can come up with great solutions for complex problems.

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