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Communication via bone conduction for contact sports

Communication via bone conduction for contact sports

Our technology will redefine the way athletes and coaches communicate on the field. We integrated our bone conduction technology into a sports mouth guard. The mouth guard vibrates the athletes jawbone allowing them to hear. All electronics are housed in a pod in the roof of the mouth. The device allows for one-way communication with a coach and allows the athlete to listen to music. The coach will have a configurable app where they can control who they talk to. For example, a football coach will have multiple configurable buttons that allow him to talk to the entire offensive line, only the quarterback, all line backers, or entire team. Sports like soccer where athletes cannot hear the coach during play will now have communication across the full field.
Future product iterations will contain additional sensors to monitor G-forces, internal temperature, hydration levels, and track activities. All data will be viewed real-time on the coach's app and uploaded securely to our cloud.

Rob Burke

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CEO/Co-Founder of MindTalk Technology. Background in fashion and product design with experience in supply chain management, injection molding and 3D Printing.
Engineer at MCC. Former Engineer at MindTalk Technology. Former Engineer/Consultant for Haskell. Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech. 2x Ironman Finisher

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