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Transforming Brain Health Through Measurement Science

Transforming Brain Health Through Measurement Science

Our mission is to transform brain health through measurement science. Brain health is fundamental to our mental health and overall health. Mindstrong has developed and validated the first ever passive, continuous measures of brain function using patterns generated from touchscreen interactions on your smartphone. These data reflect the way your brain processes and responds to the world around you. Mindstrong’s technology does not rely on any content, such as what's typed, voice calls, locations, passwords, or other personal information. Mindstrong’s scientifically validated digital biomarkers, similar to vital signs of brain function, are objective, ecological, and proving essential in detecting and managing mental illness early. The ability to detect deterioration of brain health enables the timely delivery of interventions, when they are most effective. Measuring brain health, and delivery of smarter care, results in better long-term mental health.

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