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MindPeers is the brainchild of 27yr old Kanika Agarwal, a parallel entrepreneur who quit her well-paying job in Singapore and started her first company Passion Peers, a digital media agency that saw 90 percent growth and $2 million ( SGD) turnover in just two years of operations. Along the way, she also started two other companies, most recent one – MINDPEERS – first ever integrated mental health tech platform in India. Our main office hole is in Delhi with another branch in Singapore. Join us in our dream to add colors to people’s life and make it more meaningful. See the impact of your work on day one. Perks, Benefits & Culture We dont care about what time you step into office and what time you leave until you are taking full accountability to deliver qualitative work as per deadlines. Its an open culture with young minds who hustle with the founder either because they want to learn from ground up or they truly believe that small things can make their way to big if you work hard together. We wont lie about feeling pressure at times because afterall the impact and results your work will bring will be right infront of you with you steering it from the front. We also like to drink together once a week and unwind. We prefer to gossip together in the face to save all the beauracracy otherwise whats the point of being part of a startup. We dont wait for years to give appraisals. Every 6 months we review your salary. Work from home is allowed even on weekdays ;) We give some additional allowances on fitness and relaxation activities.
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MEAN Full Stack Developer

Posted 3 months ago

A strong MEAN-stack developer with an experience of 3-5 years needed to work on a full stack development platform who would get a chance to help build a software product from ground up. Having proficiency in all - MongoDB, Express.