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Airbnb meets Masterclass meets Udacity. Presented by the world’s greatest researchers!


You'll have the chance to meet and work with the greatest researchers on the planet in early childhood development! Legitimate legends! Google them: Dr. Adele Diamond, recognized as one of the 13 most influential neuroscientists alive today. Dr. Diana Baumrind who coined the phrase "Authoritative Parenting" and gifted MindEDU to codify her work into a parenting program. The Gottman Institute - where to even start! The most respected researchers in relationships and developers of Emotion Coaching: The Heart of Parenting. Dr. Kristin Neff, who opened the field of investigation into self-compassion. Dr. Dr. Michael Posner who for more than fifty years has opened the field of executive funcitons, and many more! ~ We said this in the intro, but it's worth repeating if you didn't get to read it: You hear it so often that it hardly has value "We're going to change the world!" But what if for once, it wasn't BS? What if for once, it wasn't just for real, but honestly as you dug deeper the legitimately greatest mission on the planet? MindEDU has life-changing science that's effectively secret, only published in academic journals, and has crafted it into engaging, brief videos to give parents and caregivers the gifts to give their children their greatest wishes: to be happy, healthy and the ability to pursue their dreams. Here's where the magic happens: among the many gifts of science, one of the most important is empathy - it's the fundamental base of relationships (the ability to work together) and surprisingly, the medium in the petri dish that creates the most robust environment for creativity! For the first time in our history on the planet, with millions of parents turning to the internet for answers, we have the opportunity to teach this new generation how to be more creative, get along better and be more empathetic - it is simply the greatest mission on the planet! Join us!