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A better way to renew and refill mental health prescriptions

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Minded is an innovative new consumer telehealth company that will improve the lives of millions of Americans at a critical time. We give people who take medication for mental health a better way to renew and refill their prescriptions, with online visits and home delivery.

The market for mental health medication is massive. Americans spend $89 billion on mental health and get over 300 million prescriptions filled per year. As a result of the pandemic, the market is growing much faster, telehealth has reached a tipping point, and regulations for prescribing mental health medication remotely have eased. While many companies are struggling, we’re in the right place at the right time, and recently closed a seed round co-led by two VCs.

The Minded team includes successful entrepreneurs, experienced engineers, and innovative healthcare experts. Some of us take mental health medication, and others prescribe it, so we’ve personally experienced the frustration around the current offline experience, like having to visit a doctor every three months just to renew the same prescription we’ve had for years. We co-founded Stash, which has helped nearly 5 million people start investing, and Pager, a leading telehealth communications platform. Our medical team is led by one of the foremost experts in psychiatric telehealth, licensed in over 30 states.
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Director of Performance Marketing

Posted 1 month ago
  • Devise, run and analyze tests of audience segments, creative, copy, pricing, promotions and channels - including social media, paid and organic search, affiliate, display, DRIP, referrals, etc.
  • Identify effective strategies and tactics of competitive and comparable companies

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - Part-Time

Posted 1 week ago
  • Provide telepsychiatry services for medication management
  • Review the medical history and clinical stability of patients

Lead Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - Full-Time

Posted 1 week ago
  • Collaborate with our product and operations teams to improve workflows, efficiency, and patient and provider satisfaction
  • Grow the PMHNP team by leading recruitment and training efforts

Psychiatrist - Part-Time

Posted 1 week ago
  • Help to supervise a team of PMHNPs, including chart reviews and audits
  • Provide telepsychiatry services for medication management