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Join us in building the future of work automation: a software that learns by observation. People do an unthinkable amount of repetitive work on their computers. A lot of this work is ripe for automation, but most business can't afford to automate it. That's because, surprisingly, automations today require quite a lot of manual effort to create, which in turn makes them very expensive. We're on a mission to make automation so cheap that businesses of any size can create them. And we're doing this by building intelligent software that learns by observation. First it observes while you work on your computer. Every click and keystroke becomes a data point. From there, it uses machine learning to identify the most repetitive bits of your work and automate them. Observational learning is a fundamental tenet of animal behavior. It's how humans have learnt from one another for hundreds of thousands of years. We're taking a leaf out of nature's book and bringing observational learning to software, using the latest advances in AI and Machine Learning. We're looking for exceptional individuals to join us on our journey. Please apply to one of our roles or send us an email to start a conversation.
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Data Labeller

Posted 3 weeks ago
  • You have exceptional attention to detail
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