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MILES is a ride share company that bridges the gap between public and private transit


MILES provides a serene work environment for all of its employees (hereinafter “partners”). At the helm of our goals is our initiative to develop one of the most diverse talent pools in the country, where every partner can freely express themselves in the workplace no matter their age, race, sex, sexual orientation, creed, religion, etc. Another one of our goals, as equally important, is to create a customer centric service that leaves no customer complaint or concern behind. This is the core of our business, meaning it will not fade into the darkness upon our growing success. Partners on every level of the company will encounter customers and address their concerns promptly, no one is exempt. Some may consider this excessive or a waste of executives time. However, we see this as necessary and a valuable use of time because one of the most prominent reasons for customer turnover or churn is due to the various obstacles the customer have to go thorough for one simple solution. It is our daily mission to get rid of this obstacle. Moreover, we aim to hire individuals who blends well with our personalities, energy and ambition. We encourage participation and innovation from every employee regardless of position. Our culture is such that everyone is a valuable partner and anyone can share an idea that could enhance the company’s mission and goals. At MILES all employees have a direct line to the CEO and COO attached to an open door policy. We don’t encourage fear, we encourage exploration and risks because we believe that is the true path to internal and external success of any corporation.