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Mike is an AI lawyer that helps lawyers get legal research within seconds

Mike is an AI lawyer that helps lawyers get legal research within seconds

Mike is AI lawyer that helps lawyers gets legal research done faster with higher relevance so they can focus on their clients using cognitive computing, machine learning etc. For the last 20 years lawyers have been using historic legal softwares that take too much time and effort to research through and have an extremely outdated experience. What Mike can do : 1. SEARCH LESS, FIND MORE : Ask direct questions and Mike will find answers from the law in seconds - no more fumbling with boolean queries and thousands of keyword based results. 2.TALK TO MIKE LIKE A COLLEAGUE Mike understands simple english and so is simple to use. Ask him about cases, research etc just how you would ask your colleague sitting next to you. 3.HUGE DATABASE OF CASES & ACTS Mike has access to the largest repository of legal documents which he then anaylzes to give you the most relevant and updated research for your case. The vision for mike is to be part of every legal team in India

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Founder @MikeLegal and @Marcas; Host of Intellectual Property 101.
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, CTO at MikeLegal, AI Researcher, Full Stack Dev, iOS, openCV, Cyber Security, FOSS Lover
Built the first of its kind AI Based chatbot on messenger. Previously founded fabence.com Product and Design Guy with great love for technology and its impact.