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Mighty Networks is the fastest way to create and grow a community-powered brand.



Gina Bianchini

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CEO & Co-Founder of Mighty Networks–-the best way to bring your community, online courses, sales funnel, and payments together, all under your brand.


Thomas Aaron

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Marny Sumrall

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Operational leader accomplished in scaling technology-enabled consumer & education businesses. Built teams in sales, marketing, client services, operations.

Blenn Choussy

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I am a UX Designer passionate about learning, organizing and creating.

Joey Bright

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A polyglot programmer, passionate and curious to learn new technologies. Has over 4 years of experience in web development.

Tim Herby

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Chief Architect at @Mighty Networks

Audra Lindsey

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Senior Community Strategist @Mighty Networks

Board members and advisors

Susan Stone

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Trina Van Pelt

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Former team

Taylor Micaela Davis

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Jim Puls

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