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say hello with half your selfie!

say hello with half your selfie!

Midpic is a social discovery app that aims to build a coin-based economy fueled by the strong imbalances between users that we traditionally find in the dating space. Midpic - say hello with half your selfie! Flip profiles around you until you find someone you like. Wanna start a conversation? Say hello with a midpic! Send for example your eyes and hide your smile for now… if your midpic makes an impression, you'll get a midpic in return. Only then, both of you can unveil each other’s entire pictures while unlocking the chat at the same time! By designing a social discovery experience appealing to a young audience and by integrating an appcoin, we enhance the experience of all users while onboarding teens to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Even though it's a first version (with all the bugs and improvements that come with it) there are positive indicators that show that teens and young adults find the experience appealing (30+ min per day spent in the app, retention rate at d+1 is 40%)

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CTO @Candyshop • Co-founder & CTO @Ubiquiet • Studied at @ECE Paris
Co-Founder at @Midpic. Specialized in iOS Design & Development - Obsessed with design excellence and creating game-changing user experiences.