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Midnight is committed to transforming how enterprises connect and make use of data. Midnight is looking for exceptional talent to join our team.

We are a team of engineers and solution experts who come from outside the Robotic Process Automation space giving our team a fresh perspective to solve the challenges of process automation and data processing. We have spent the past two years building, researching and understanding how companies are trying to solve this problem using ML, AI, templates and other methods. Today, enterprises lack a dedicated, purpose built solution to help them automate, enrich, track and govern their data at scale. By merging elegance and state of the art technology, Midnight provides enterprises the platform to automate work and derive value from the most important asset - their data. As a member of the team, you’ll have the opportunity to grow significantly, both with the product and company.

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Software Engineer

Computer Vision Engineer

Posted 3 months ago

Midnight is seeking an innovative Computer Vision Engineer to take on challenges at the forefront of computer vision that transform our every day lives. We’re looking for a creative engineer to usher in the next era of human - computer interaction by solving hard and exciting computer vision...