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Prevent fatalities with near-miss data

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Help design and execute GTM for a startup going from seed to Series A and beyond. We are tackling road fatalities - a global epidemic and a top 10 cause of death worldwide. We built an AI-powered diagnostic tool that generates intersection risk profiles that have been used by government traffic engineers to make hundreds of millions of dollars worth of safety improvement decisions. We have a down to earth, hard-working, data-driven, engineering-focused and mission-driven culture.
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Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer / Full Stack Python Developer

Posted 6 months ago

Eligibility and willingness to work in Winnipeg, Manitoba is Mandatory
Start date TBD approximately February 1, 2020

MicroTraffic is a Smart City company that uses computer vision to measure near-misses at intersections, producing precise diagnostic data that helps cities, states, and counties t...


Process Research Engineer / Manager

Posted 6 months ago

MicroTraffic is a transportation data company that uses AI to extract near-miss collision data from traffic video and diagnose road user risk. We are a passionate team of engineers and data scientists working to solve a global epidemic that is traffic fatalities and serious injuries.