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Sergey Yaroslav

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Ed Doran

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Technology product, business, and partner guy most recently from @Microsoft and @Yahoo. Co-Founder #Cortana.

Bill Gates

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Founder @Microsoft, Founder Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Paul Allen

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Founder @Microsoft


Austin Shin

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Product Manager Skills: MySQL, Python, R/R Studio, Javascript, HTML, CS, Visual Studio, Azure AD, Dynamics 365, ERP Solutions

Karthik Kasoju

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User Experience Designer with 6 years of Experience.

Sammy Israwi

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Front End and Full Stack Web Developer. Worked in mobile, web, QA, and data analysis. Passionate about education, web accessibility, and web technologies.

Jack Smith

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Georges Krinker

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Using data and customer outreach to make better products

Shir Goldberg

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Product @ Microsoft Docs; launched Microsoft Learn; former full-stack engineer

Zachary Johnson

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Worked at Microsoft, Microsoft - Microsoft Store. Experience with Microsoft, Marketing Management, Management. Went to Stanford University

Zhichun Li

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Passionate about tech, creating great products, and investing in the future.

Mayank Aggarwal

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I am currently working with Azure Backup team at Microsoft.

Jonathan Barker

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Rails, Django, Rust, Postgres, MongoDB, Terraform, Ansible, Helm, Spinnaker

Ashwin Appiah

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Seasoned Product Manage with a strong track record of successful product launches in the consumer web and mobile field.

Jared Volpe

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I build and lead design teams, help foster design culture and vision, refine strategies, de-risk projects, design products, and code things. How can I help?

Mayank Aggarwal

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Microsoft | Software Engineer | Azure | Love To Discover, Learn And Code.

Satya Vinay

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Stephanie Barrios

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Economics graduate from UF | Currently an analyst at Microsoft - previously interned at Amazon and Wells Fargo | Seeking data analyst or PM opportunities
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Board members and advisors

Head of Operations & Strategy @ MS Incubation Labs ILDC. Founder 102TRUST (acquired) carrying out 40% of international M&A's in IL. Advisor to startups & angels
We develop and implement broad ranging cyberforensic strategies that capture demand in the most widely used tech in the world.
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Former team

Srinivas Numburi

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Steven Shriver

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Lucas Gabriel

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Yusuf Ameri

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Subhankar Shah

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Pete Mauro

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