Jordan Burr

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Accountant at MGM Resorts International. 5+ years of accounting/financial analysis experience. Looking for new opportunities.

Jon Pena

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Founded Design Concepts Productions llc, a Las Vegas costume company, providing customized professional services for production show entertainment.

David Stewart

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Quynh Nguyen

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Alfredo Diaz

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Worked at MGM Resorts International
Worked at Capgemini, Ariane Integration Performance Testing at MGM Resorts International. Experience with AJAX, Communication Skills, Load Testing. Went to 76.5

Marlon Jay Diaz Manuel

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Worked at MGM Resorts International

twoot Ball

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Where Twitter Meets the NFL

Tricia Grasso

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I aspire to inspire consumers, guests and fans alike. I am re-locating to Orange County and anxious to continue to market a brand that I'm passionate about.

Pau López Treviño

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Highly motivated marketing professional with over 3 years of specialized experience in social media marketing; two years working for MGM Resorts International.

Mitchell Acosta

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Worked as Facility Engineer at Las Vegas Blvd for over 17 years

Conor Bolich

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Experienced analyst

Orlando Mata

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Former team

Bree Goldman

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Michael Michaud

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Cecilia Chang

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James Yurka

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Mohammed Ali Moten

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Anthony Brancato

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