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Softer-than-soft basics for everybody



Founder & Executive Chairman of @MeUndies.com


Molly Kerrigan

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An experienced marketing professional who works heavily with data analysis to understand marketing trends.

Kaelin O'Kelly

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Sean Cox

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Bit Wrangler - Graduate Student

Lauren Boortz

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Lauren Boortz

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Michelle Duffie

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Professional toad kisser, wearer of many hats, and amateur juggler. If you're in recruiting, you get it. Riot Games c/o 2014. MeUndies c/o 2017.

bree garcia

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Ellen Sweeney

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People Operations Manager at MeUndies

Oscar Zaldana

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Graphic Designer at MeUndies

Gregory Fass

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TJ Stein

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Accomplished client services, customer success and sales leader with proven ability to build and scale organizations to support and drive business outcomes.

Brian Yip

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Marketing @MeUndies

Lawrence Lewis

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Board members and advisors

Co-Founder & Co-CEO @FabFitFun

art berliner

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Founder and Managing Director Walden Venture Capital
Over $2B in exits - Angel in GoodReads, MakerStudios, DogVacay, Scopely, FameBit, Wishbone, DollarShaveClub, DocStoc, Userplane - Current CEO @Science
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Former team

Jackie Eaton

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Amelia Enberg

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Nick Prokesch

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Luke McCrea

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James Francis

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Favio Tello

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