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Intelligent Travel Search - Making sense of the world's data

Intelligent Travel Search - Making sense of the world's data

MeTripping is an Intelligent Travel Search platform that helps you make the best travel decisions by making sense of the world's data. We solve for the indecision and iteration in travel search that has bothered consumers for over a decade now, but doing so through data science, behavioral psychology and technology innovation.

We find the best (ranked) experiences (Destination + Travel + Stay + Activities) based on your particular context and travel intent. We also rank flights, accommodation, and activities for the specific context of each consumer.

We get prices from 1,300+ sites to make sure our recommendations are built off of the lowest prices - a good recommendation must also make sure that your money is extracting the best value. Finally, we recommend only those trips that you can actually book.

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Varun Gupta

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Founder & CEO @MeTripping; Harvard MBA 2011; Strategy, Product & Finance (Head - Corporate Strategy & IT @Trans Maldivian Airways)