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Johnson Lin

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CTO & Co-founder at Metigy

David Fairfull

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CEO & Co-Founder at Metigy.com. 3rd start-up. Former Partner We Are Social. AsiaPac Regional Director McCann-Erickson. Founder Brave Design Group

Gregory Brine

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Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at @Metigy, bringing Artificial Intelligence Marketing Strategy to businesses. Father, cyclist and #LEGO nut


Thiago Zandonai

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Worked at Metigy

Board members and advisors

Entrepreneur, investor and growth marketer born in Sydney but now living on the Blockchain.
Product Management and Product Marketing executive focused in scaling products and programmes worldwide for SaaS, Enterprise, Maps and Transit areas
A Design-Led approach is at the heart of Start-up and Scale-up success. Think Airbnb, Instagram and Pinterest et all. Design turns Ideas into Value.