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Johnson Lin

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CTO & Co-founder at Metigy

David Fairfull

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CEO & Co-Founder at Metigy.com. 3rd start-up. Former Partner We Are Social. AsiaPac Regional Director McCann-Erickson. Founder Brave Design Group

Gregory Brine

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Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at @Metigy, bringing Artificial Intelligence Marketing Strategy to businesses. Father, cyclist and #LEGO nut


Thiago Zandonai

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Worked at Metigy

Board members and advisors

Entrepreneur, angel investor and growth marketer who loves all things startup, tech and Golden Retrievers 🐕
Product Management and Product Marketing executive focused in scaling products and programmes worldwide for SaaS, Enterprise, Maps and Transit areas
A Design-Led approach is at the heart of Start-up and Scale-up success. Think Airbnb, Instagram and Pinterest et all. Design turns Ideas into Value.