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Cloud Systems Software Engineer

$130k – $160k • 0.1% – 0.3%
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You'll be using — and contributing to — exciting new technologies to solve hard problems in distributed systems, scalability, cross-region coordination, and cloud orchestration. Ultimately you will shape the evolution of the modern cloud architecture.

You can do this job from our San Francisco headquarters, or from anywhere in the world.


Sample projects:
Design an ingress tier for modern, stateful applications that is capable of supporting millions of simultaneous connections.

Design and implement a responsive and stable autoscaling mechanism for apps with long-lived websocket connections.

Figure out what metrics are important to measure the performance of a GraphQL server and how to collect and process them.

Implement automatic CDN support so that developers can improve application load-times with ease.


What we look for:
You're familiar with the state of the art in cloud technologies, including both the architectural principles and the specific tools of the trade and their strengths and weaknesses.

You have some experience operating applications with demanding scalability or availability requirements.

You have a strong understanding of performance, architecture, and cost of cloud systems.

You're a strong collaborator, transparent about your progress on tasks. You seek feedback early and often and work effectively with the team.

You deliver on your engineering estimates.

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