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Secure Streaming Data Routing

Integration Engineer

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MetaRouter is a customer-data streaming platform for large, security-conscious enterprises. The MetaRouter platform dramatically reduces latency and bloat by providing server-side integration with third-party marketing, analytics, and data storage/transport tools. By enabling customers to access our SaaS tool, access a private PaaS architecture, or deploy fully within their own private cloud, customers can dramatically simplify and centralize their customer-data pipelines and maintain full control over security and compliance.

The MetaRouter platform, serving as a full-spectrum customer data collection, modification, and delivery platform, is a collection of many, varied microservices. Our client and server-side ingestion and identity libraries, ETL applications, and configuration and monitoring UIs serve to give data teams control over the shape and substance of their customer-behavior data, all while powering the flexibility and freedom to be creative with their architecture.

THE ROLE: Integration Engineer
A key value of the Metarouter platform is its ability to seamlessly integrate with the growing list of streaming data consumers, from analytics platforms like Google Analytics, to marketing/advertising platforms like Hubspot and TradeDesk, to data lakes and warehouses like Amazon S3 and Google BigQuery.

In this role, you will serve primarily as an Integration Engineer on our Enterprise and Cloud platforms, b​uilding connectivity to and from our platform to 3rd-party vendor APIs. This includes understanding not only the functionality of the given 3rd-party API, but also how common customers might use these services. This understanding of the AdTech industry is key to ensuring our integrations are not only technically proficient, but optimized and useful for our customers. Familiarity with core concepts like user-behavior tracking, browser cookies, audience management, retargeting, and demand and supply side ad exchanges is a huge bonus.

You will be primarily operating on Javascript libraries which use JSON to power their underlying configuration and customization for customer use-cases. You will also be using Dockerized Node and GoLang projects in order to run our platform locally and test integrations.

- Develop a deep understanding of the ​Analytics.js Specification,​ and the ability to implement, test, and troubleshoot data sources conforming to this spec.
- Researching, requirements writing, building and testing of 3rd-party API integrations - both client-side and server-side.
- Maintenance and support for our existing integrations library, including writing documentation around configuration and usage, as well as writing unit tests to validate functionality.
- An entrepreneurial mindset, and desire to understand the AdTech market, and collaboration with team members on feature and product planning to best serve this market.

- A friendly attitude and strong motivation to see this product succeed and mature.
- Experience working with full-scale web applications and interfacing with 3rd party APIs.
- Experience with full-stack Javascript development: Vanilla Javascript, Node.js, Express, NPM, browser behavior and compatibility, JSON, webpack, etc.
- Comfort working in an agile development environment: git, CI/CD, TDD, KISS, user-story writing, etc.
- Knowledge around interacting with MongoDB and SQL data, and the ability to use Javascript resources for CRUD operations to databases.

- Experience working with A​ nalytics.js​ or similar client-side user-tracking methods​.
- Experience implementing and optimizing client-side tags and trackers in web applications.
- Experience with the structures and systems of the “AdTech” industry, including DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, product analytics tools, user-experience management, browser cookies and cookie-syncing, etc.
- High-level understanding of attribution funnels and analytical models for web/app user behavior.
- Experience with AWS, Azure, and other cloud providers, as well as Helm, and Terraform.

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Greg Brunk

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Andrew Murray

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UI/UX Designer and Full-Stack Javascript Dev. Lead teams in the fast-paced and chaotic environment of a start-up. Love bringing great ideas into reality.

Michael Yeager

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I constantly strive for the opportunity to learn and grow. Being part of a startup requires wearing many hats which have allowed me to gain deversie experience

Kailyn Lepert

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Currentily with MetaRouter. Distributed Systems Engineer. Deep experience with Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure, Terraform. Bachelor's in Cybersecurity from UNO.

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