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Better banking with crypto



CEO and Co-Founder of Metal Building a new financial system.


Sky Xu

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full-stack mobile developer

Jennifer Sum

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Emaad Pervez

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Foscam, Inc technical support and marketing

Ephraim Russo

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Eric Lyons

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wonkyoung travis kim

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Built Server-side application like Restful Web services Built Android application Built Web application as Full-Stack engineer

Dylan Ha

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Nicoletta Goncalves

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Erik Finman

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17 | Founder of Botangle | One of TIME's most Influential Teens | Love Education & Bitcoin

Jesie Duran Fierros

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Jeffrey Cheng

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BS Human Bio. Trained at App Academy because I wanted to transition into a faster paced field.

Laura Kyriazis

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Commercial IP lawyer for Fortune 200 NA EMEA APAC customers, IP licensing, subsidiary maintenance11 jurisdictions, extensive M&A experience, drafting S-1

Alyssa X

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Designer, full-stack developer, entrepreneur, & founder of Noon Studios 💄 👋 hi@alyssax.com

Alex Christian

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Scrappy, visionary leader who builds functions, teams and operations, identifying and solving problems, executing on opportunities.

Paulo Donati

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Compliance Analyst at bitFlyer USA – I use Python to make my job easier. I'm always trying to learn.
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Board members and advisors

@BitTorrent inventor. Founder of @BitTorrent Inc. Veteran of many startups.

Marshall Hayner

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CEO and Co-Founder of Metal Building a new financial system.
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Former team

Daniel Modell

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Ryan Cohen

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Jae Yang

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Esraa Hezain

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Yves songolo

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Kristal Garcia

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