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Empower every developer to build better

Empower every developer to build better

Merico is developing the code analytics platform to quantitatively measure software development processes, using advanced program analysis and machine learning. We published our initial paper in FSE, a premier software engineering conference.

Merico empowers not only enterprise managers by promoting objective developer performance management, streamlining the review process and offering timely feedback to every team member, but also developers themselves, whose contributions can be highlighted without obfuscation by politics or personal bias.

For open source projects, currently, donations or sponsorships go to specific core maintainers who find no good way to feedback the whole community. Our platform will enable such fundings to be distributed to all contributors proportional to their contributions. That is a better way to help developers financially support themselves, thereby making the community thrive. See our talk at MIT/Harvard: Software Development in the Next Decade (ls.meri.co/3fbjnC5).

Research Software Engineer (Program Analysis)

Data Engineer (DevOps Analysis)

Roland Vogl

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https://persper.org; Co-founder@CodeX-The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics; Co-founder@Merico; JSM@SLS; Dr.iur.@University of Innsbruck

Hezheng Yin

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https://persper.org; Co-founder @ Merico Inc.; PhD @ UC Berkeley

Jinglei Ren

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https://persper.org; PhD@Tsinghua; researcher@MSR; visiting scholar@Stanford/CMU