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Hardware IOT

Hardware IOT

Mercku is a Canadian hardware IOT company. Its tech founders are the world leaders in telecommunications, with 450 patents, and is also the father of the modern cellular phone antenna. Levering this technology base, Mercku’s first generation router sold over 5 million units to companies like NetEase and China Mobile, to be distributed in 2018. Mercku’s new Wi-Fi system, the second generation M2, launched on April 30, 2018 and raised over 450% of its goal in just two months. Mercku, moving forward, aims to create the most powerful hardware devices and work in cohesive synergy with existing IOT systems.

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Erik Ackner

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Co-Founder Mercku • Worked at @Startupbootcamp

Alex S. Qi

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Media, internet and hardware technology entrepreneur. Former consultant. Chicago Booth MBA. Math and Business undergrad degrees.