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Greg Arrese

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Founder, Ride Ventures-early stage vc tech fund 18+ yr hedge fund mgr w TMT & Consumer focus IPO, M&A, Capital Markets & Syndicate expertise Bucknell, HBS, CFA

Christopher Nyren

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Founder Educated Ventures; secured $70M in funding for EdTech startups; previously led $750M of EDU investment for Apollo Group and its $1B jv with Carlyle

T. Trent Gegax

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CEO, The Gramercy Fund, family office; active angel investor; active director; biz dev operating experience; PR expertise; 12-year Newsweek correspondent.

Don Burton

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veteran consumer education entrepreneur

Jon Taiber

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SFO at Polsky Holdings, Inc.

Don Kendall

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Zac Zeitlin

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New Ground Ventures