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Mentonect is a, first of its kind, consulting & networking platform that brings together Mentors and Mentees from across industries, across professional verticals and irrespective of geographical location. PROBLEM WE ARE SOLVING: Gaining professional advice from trustworthy sources without knowing them from our personal networks is a very difficult task. Reviewing and trying service providers online can be time consuming and a drain on resources. Irrespective of the industry segment, we often seek to have an initial call with someone who can guide us and search for this individual from our known contacts. At Mentonect, we strongly believe every individual in the world has a wealth of knowledge they have gained over the years and can be the perfect mentor to someone walking their path. We wish to enable their connection benefiting both Mentors and Mentees. It's a true marketplace with infinite scaling potential and the ability to add income streams for individuals across the country while expanding the professional network for everyone extensively.
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Communication Designer

Ideal candidate will be,

Strong in strategic thinking
Strong design skills (campaigns, communication skills, graphic design & software skills)
Socially active (LinkedIn, Instagram)

Please share current portfolio and a resume. Position is for immediate placement.