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The next evolution of work

The next evolution of work

Mentat is a blockchain-powered marketplace where applications can source intelligence from an on-demand, distributed workforce of human agents. Our platform enables anyone, from anywhere in the world, to offer their skills and knowledge to applications in exchange for instant, fee-less payment. Mentat's query-response smart contracts allow human intelligence tasks to plug into computer processes asynchronously, eliminating the time and cost inefficiencies typically associated with human workers. Our crypto-economic incentive system sports a pricing model that ensures that human agents are always available to meet the next request, skill tracking through distributed ledger technology to allow applications to target select skilled agents, and a peer review process that ensures accurate work, while moving more work towards the most successful agents. Mentat combines a machine-focused process with human-focused pricing, allowing fair earnings and business efficiency to coexist.

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Mitch Sapoff

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I help startups attack new business opportunities, refine how they sell their product, and deploy processes that drive consistent, predictable growth in sales.