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Ambient Sound Investments

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We offer long-term seed funding to ambitious technology startups

Margus Uudam

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Founding Partner at Karma Ventures Previously Head of Venture Capital Investments, Ambient Sound Investments

Alejandro Zubillaga

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Partner SPA Ventures Former Head of Digital Warner Music

Tom Glocer

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CEO of Thomson Reuters

Spencer Hyman

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CEO and Founder, Artfinder

Robert Dighero

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Active angel investor at @White Bear Yard and partner at Passion Capital

Eileen Burbidge

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Partner at @Passion Capital and Co-founder @White Bear Yard (London). Online identities: Eileen Tso, Eileen Broch, Eileen Burbidge

Stefan Glaenzer

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Founder @Passion Capital, @White Bear Yard. First investor and exec chairman @lastfm and @Mendeley, named best angel investor in Europe by @TechCrunch Europe .
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